Early Medical Center in Singapore

by Studio Antimatter

Rounded shapes, continuous surfaces, integrated volumes without edges and fragmentation to define experiential continuity and instill serenity in patients. The free floor plan and limited use of fixed furnishings define a fluid and welcoming space.

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A comfortable hug

Curved lines that define the spaces and furnishings of a place of care and prevention, maximum openness and transparency that express the founding values of the brand. An organic mood made of enveloping atmospheres that instill calm and serenity, fluid spaces and environments defined by a few elements, continuous surfaces, soft lines and delicate shades that direct flows and also define fixed furnishings.

Soft and delicate colours that welcome patients and promote relaxation and comfort, fundamental conditions for undergoing a health screening. An approach that aims to put people in the best conditions to appreciate the value of prevention and calmly evaluate any form of healthcare, a design thought that wants to put people at the center, accompanying them throughout the screening process step by step within the space.

The pharmacy opens to the left of the reception and, even though it updates its shape, it reproduces the image of traditional medicine cabinet drawers.

Custom-made furnishings are integrated into the walls or placed adjacent to them to leave space free for passage and avoid long and distressing corridors, flush-to-wall doors open to define the different environments seamlessly, aesthetic details underline the image and minimal elegance of the brand and translate into seating, furniture, and capsules made to order.

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The continuous, soft, balanced line that defines the design is reflected in all the details and elements, such as in the Pod handle designed for Dnd by Holscher Design. The brass bar, polished and rounded at both ends, is delicately bent at a 45-degree angle to give dynamism and movement to the organic image of the handle and ensure a solid and secure grip from a functional point of view.

The designer

A design and architecture studio based in Singapore and Porto founded in 2016 by designer Gabriel Tan. Antimatter evokes in its name the concept of freedom from the static physicality of constraints in favour of an holistic and organic approach that contemplates the integration of spaces, furnishings, materials and surfaces. The integrated design of the elements results in continuous environments that generate engaging emotional and sensory experiences.

Photos: Hosanna Swee

Dnd_early medical_EARLY_Ph Hosanna Swee

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