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From materials to design, from manufacturing to finishes, fine Italian handles for fine International projects: the proven quality and style of Dnd products contribute to complete and characterise valuable environments in the most diverse trends of interior architecture, worldwide.

Dnd’s research and experience allow the use of high quality technologies in manufacturing and finishing: forte® PVD coating, antibacterial technology, special manual processing.

forte® is the term coined by Dnd to identify and emphasise the special finish for handles that is achieved thanks to PVD coating technology.

An acronym for Physical Vapour Deposition, PVD is a coating technology for high quality products with excellent chemical and technical characteristics, such as high hardness , resistance to abrasion, scratching and corrosion.

A coating that is perfectly sustainable, with low environmental impact and it is hypoallergenic.


Unico is the new door system developed by Dnd that reduces the visual impact of the rose on the handle, thus improving its design – a technical and aesthetic solution ideal for contemporary environments.

It is not very visible due to its small volume: it is in fact only 30 mm wide and 2 mm thick.
The system boasts a round shape, is easy to install and requires a 22 mm hole on the door.

Antibacterial finish

Dnd handles can be given special antibacterial properties to inhibit the proliferation and transmission of pathogens. Thanks to the Abaco® coating (developed by an Italian company, Protec), four forte® PVD finishes can be applied to products to achieve a perfect, long-lasting hygiene. The physical properties of the coating ensure that the antibacterial action is strengthened over time and lasts throughout the life of Dnd handles.

Abaco® is a state-of-the-art antibacterial thin-film coating that combines the strength and beauty advantages of PVD finishes with the bactericidal properties provided by nanotechnology, laboratory tested and certified: a unique and hypoallergenic treatment for fighting viruses, blocking the development of bacteria and also for removing them.

Special processes

Dnd’s extensive experience in metalworking allows it to carry out all types of processes, including manual ones, in order meet customisation requirements at best: from bronzing to different levels of shading, from brushing to plating and brass aging processes, craftsmanship at its highest levels.

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