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Committing to continuing a history of excellence is a choice dictated by passion. Passion for materials and shapes, gestures and workmanship, research and craftsmanship.
For this reason, Dnd is happy to be able to continue – and make the most of – the positive history of the Poggi Mariani brand with a collection of classic handles with unique features.

The company was founded in 1980 in a workshop on the Navigli in Milan: an artisanal reality, made up of great technical skill, whose products have conquered over time a place of prestige on an international scale, thanks to their high quality in terms of manufacture, attention to detail and refinement of form. Dnd now owns the brand and completes its specialisation in its field of expertise: Poggi Mariani handles are an ideal extension of Dnd’s vocation, experience and high quality.

Alessandro Poggi (founder of Poggi Mariani) and Vilma Martinelli (owner and general manager of Dnd)

The high quality of traditional craftsmanship

Poggi Mariani handles are all made of brass and are forged by hand in the foundry, using techniques of ancient origin: sand casting and shell moulding.

These steps are followed by roughing and welding, through to finishing in the various colours, with the delicacy that such special objects require.
Time-honoured knowledge, handed down with passion by faithful workers and practised by attentive and experienced hands. Calibrated gestures, in a process that excites.



Lavorazioni e materiali tradizionali si sposano con linee attuali dove il gusto classico va a fondersi con i concetti architettonici moderni creando un nuovo stile che sa adattarsi ad ambienti e materiali.



A collection that looks at history and is inspired by the decorations of prestigious palaces. Unique shapes, interpreted today with creativity and craftsmanship in every detail.

Handles dedicated to refined interiors: products that look back on the history and decorations of prestigious buildings


Handles with simple, soft profiles, inspired by the cultures around the Mediterranean Sea.


Rigorous forms, in the sign of contemporary living: handles with defined and clean lines, both linear and rounded.

  • classic line
  • mediterranean line
  • modern line


A valuable legacy.
Made of art, craftsmanship and experience.
The new lines: classic, mediterranean and modern.

door handles

Products with unique features
Handles that stand out for their design and creativity, their decoration, their attention to detail and their finish. Objects of proven and tangible quality, in which the craftsmanship of Made in Italy is manifested in its uniqueness: the culture of beauty and good workmanship, in accessories of great charm.
A bespoke service
The technical skills and organisation in manufacturing make possible tailor-made productions where design and decoration of the elements can be customised in every single detail, for refined housing projects.

la tradizione


Dnd con l’acquisizione del marchio poggimariani intende dare una continuità ad una tradizione produttiva che rischia di perdersi. Capacità tecniche, artistiche e artigianali che si trasmettono tra le maestranze nel tempo e fanno parte della cultura del progetto italiana.

Un impegno di responsabilità sociale che viene testimoniato dalla volontà di mantenere i siti produttivi dove storicamente si sono sviluppate queste abilità e dove le persone che danno vita ai prodotti poggimariani sono radicate.

A story to be discovered... soon

New catalogues, new products, a new life for a historic brand. We are working to revitalise the poggimariani brand.

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