Immediately perceptive

A handle based on the desire to combine basic forms, a cylinder and a rectangle, in pursuit of an overall balance and above all an immediate perceptive impact.

blend viste 2D

Reinterpretation of complete forms.

The cylinder and the rectangle, dilated in size and perception, represent the work on the grip – and the plate – in an original, easily grasped combination, a reinterpretation of complete forms. The details of the cylinder are intentionally angular, to obtain a more technical look, while the rectangular plate represents an appeal to the forms of memory, when such parts were used to give a strong image to the door.

blend 1
blend 2
This device makes it possible to get away from the standard classification of “round” or “square” handles, without suggesting formal eclecticism as an end in itself. The final objective, in fact, is the combination between handle and door, i.e. an overall interpretation of the project: a combination – and a single perception – where both parts can contribute to achieve immediate recognition. Among the finishes, white enamel: a contemporary reinterpretation of porcelain handles.

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Founded in Milan in 1999 by Cesare Chichi and Stefano Maestri, 967arch studio has consolidated a creative path scattered with a continuous passage of influences, experiments and contaminations.

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