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The Dnd catalogue grows

2024 is an important year, during which Dnd is presenting new products at official occasions – such as the Salone del Mobile in Milan – that reflect the company’s expanding reach in research, development and operation: two locking systems and one handle with innovative features.

Interna: a new handle

Interna, designed by Giulio Iacchetti, is created together with the new system Dynamic: it is a minimalist object, with a circular profile, designed to be inserted into the door panel and welcome the hand inside a practical bevelled concavity.

A new and intuitive gesture of relationship with the door.

The Dynamic
magnetic system

Dynamic is a locking system for hinged, non-locking doors that incorporates a magnetic pole support: thanks to it, the door or panel no longer needs a lock body.

It consists of a base that houses the magnet, a brass cover – available in all catalogue finishes – and an opposite pole support that locks the door.

The Vertical
locking system

This is a locking system for hinged doors with a high technological and aesthetic profile: no screws on the front, minimal sign, possibility of coordinating the finishes of the cover with those of the handle.

The absence of screws generates an original and total harmony between handle and lock, made possible by the application of all the finishes in the Dnd catalogue. Functional and flexible, the Vertical system is a kind of “invisible lock”.
This product has been selected for the ADI Design Index 2023, the book that collects the projects that will compete for the ADI 2024 Compasso d’Oro Award.

Four new  forte® finishes

Polished nickel, satin champagne gold, polished bronze, satin bronze: four new high quality finishes enter the Dnd catalogue, expanding the customisation possibilities of brass levers.

Original and warm tones, to integrate the handles into interior projects that pay particular attention to the details and the value of colour combinations.

dnd è stata selezionata per la Archiproducts Design Selection
Salone del Mobile 2023

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