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Elena Salmistraro

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From Elena Salmistraro’s unmistakable creativity come two collections of handles that differ in image and identity, but share the recovery of porcelain as the chosen material and the ability to give personality to any space, in which they fit with style and elegance.


An eclectic decoration that triggers joy and creativity, a research on materials that modernises porcelain, which has always been used in the production of handles and knobs, a bold chromaticism that is in the DNA and in the stylistic code of its creator.
Crisalide carries within itself a metamorphism that refers to nature and its extraordinary protagonists.
Like a butterfly ready to soar, the handle expresses an intrinsic lightness, a beauty made of bright colours, mixed with the symmetries of the wings of the magnificent insect.


Sinuous and dynamic lines that soften the volume, light orographic reliefs that seem generated by the movement of the wind, traces left on the sand by human activity or by atmospheric agents. The soft sand dunes are the inspiring motif of the handle.
Dune re-proposes the retro image of the porcelain handles, handcrafted with unique skill that made them unique and unrepeatable.
Today, thanks to the most innovative processing technologies, it is possible to recreate the soft grooves that draw the neutral surface, giving it a three-dimensional texture that defines the aesthetics of the handle and at the same time increases its functionality, promoting a secure grip. 

Elena Salmistraro

Product designer and artist, she lives and works in Milan.
She graduated in industrial design at the Politecnico di Milano and in 2009 founded her studio that works in architecture and design, collaborating as a product designer and illustrator with many companies in the creative industry.

She is interested in developing work that combines illustration, design and visual arts, through which she intends to define a personal code of communication.

In 2017, he won the “Salone del Mobile Milano Award” as “Best young designer”. She has received international awards and her projects have been selected for several exhibitions.

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