The event scheduled for 25 November in Bologna is dedicated to the expertise of door and window makers. The event is an attraction for companies of the whole sector and offers updates and debates about state-of-the-art topics.

A series of varied contributions will allow participants to build their special personalised programme. The partners of the event, which are leading companies in the sector, are in charge of the promotional and counselling area, which will help create useful business opportunities.

What is it about?

Partner companies will have the opportunity to make themselves known, exhibiting new products and cutting-edge discoveries, whereas a technical meeting will allow window and door makers to establish new relationships with suppliers and to open up their target market. dnd by Martinelli, a leading company in the production of design door handles made in Italy, invites all its customers to take part in the event.

Formative Activity for Window and Door Producers 

To keep the new companies of the sector up to date and to provide them with the appropriate tools to competently deal with current and future challenges, we have organised a series of events that aim to combine traditional craftsmanship with the market mechanisms of today and tomorrow. Some of the issues at hand are the new regulations, sustainable energies and environmental sustainability, methods to devise and carry out tests at the construction site, as well as contract security.

The strengths of the event: 

  • In a single day, you will receive a lot of suggestions and tools to put into practice in your company;
  • The event brings together the sectors of production, design and reselling;
  • The event will be a moment of confrontation where window and door makers can share their ideas with resellers;
  • You will be introduced to the new regulations that are going to change the market radically;
  • You will learn to face the challenges that the new roles and responsibilities of entrepreneurs are bringing about;
  • The event will offer you marketing tools and opportunities to put into practice with your customers;
  • The event will allow you to properly run your business with the experts’ advice;
  • The event will provide you with useful legal information to avoid litigation;
  • Fifty leading partners will take part in the event;
  • The event will also include practical demonstrations on the installation of several products and on various methods to prevent housebreaking.


Formative Activities for Designers (The meetings are suitable for obtaining credits)                         

This year’s events include formative activities for designers as well. The event principally aims to introduce the themes of building sustainability, both in terms of regulations and of environmental awareness; it also aims to show the potential of certification schemes, to analyse in detail the specifics and the performance of external frames, as well as of the linking elements of the opaque building envelope, and to specify the characteristics of sealing and insulation materials. In so doing, the designer is put in the condition to get to know the complete “project scheme,” pointing out the main problems together with the corresponding solutions. To complete the day, it will be possible to examine several technical advancements in the products as well as special solutions to improve the performance of envelopes and frames.

Let’s not forget that dnd by Martinelli® is a brand created by Fmn Martinelli SpA, a leading company in the production of door handles made in Italy. For almost five decades, they have been pursuing one goal only: i.e. producing handles with outstanding nobility and elegance, and making them essential furnishing accessories capable of adding value to every home.