less is fine!

Simplicity and functionality, always with great attention to detail. All this has resulted in less is fine!, the new rose just 4mm thick.

The reduction in the thickness offers many advantages:
- Assembly rapidity: unlike other systems available today, less is fine! does not require milling on the door for its positioning, the installation is therefore faster thanks to the 20mm diameter embedding.
- Reducing the thickness reduces the consumption of material and energy.
- Reduces the visual impact: full space to design.
- Suitable for all settings: round or square, the rose is elegant and minimal on modern as well as more classic doors.

Its special feature is in the mechanism: the new compression springs allow the handle to get back in position gently. This means optimising the performance of our products, to maintain the high quality standards that our customers are accustomed to.

The less is fine! system is a dnd by Martinelli® patent.