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Read our privacy policy so that you understand the way we deal with your personal data, and if you have any questions, contact us.



We have compiled this privacy statement in compliance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), with current legislation and with the EU Directive on Cookies. We have drawn it up in a simple and understandable way, to help you understand who we are, what data we collect about you, and what we do with it. Please remember that this privacy statement is specifically focused on a newsletter service: in other parts of the site you will find more specific information about the different products and services we offer, as well as different information in relation to specific treatments of certain data. Please take the time to read the entire statement, so that if you do not agree with how we process personal information, you can avoid providing it to us.


What is this privacy statement for?

It explains the way in which we collect and use (i.e. process) your data when you sign up for the newsletter.


Who we are

When this statement says "we" or "the company", it refers to the ‘owner’ of the personal data we are given, namely Dnd Martinelli S.r.l., Loc. Piani di Mura, 2, 25070 - Casto (BS).


What types of data do we collect?

We collect the data we need in order to send you the newsletter you request.


What types of data do we collect about you?

When you write to the newsletter service, we process the data you have provided directly, filling in the appropriate spaces.

Information you provide directly:

Data categories Examples of data types
Identification data Name, surname, profession, and, if applicable, professional qualifications
Contact details E-mail address

Why do we ask you to provide us with information about your profession? Because we have different types of newsletters, destined for different categories: this way we can send the right one for you.


Information we collect automatically:

However, when you visit or use our website we may collect – in addition to the information you provide us directly – information automatically sent to us by your computer, mobile phone or other devices that you use to access our channels.

Data categories Data types
Device information Model, IMEI code and other specific identifiers of MAC address devices, IP addresses, operating system version, and device settings that you use to access various services
More information about your use of our digital channels or newsletters The apps you use to send us data or express consent when you attend exhibitions or other events


Do we transfer your data abroad?

We transfer your data abroad, but protect it through various legal, organisational and technical measures.


When do we transfer your data abroad?

Your data may be processed in countries where you do not live, if this is necessary for the purposes we have indicated in this statement. If you live in the European Economic Area, you should know that your data can be processed outside the EEA: this mostly consists of data that we process through the newsletter management service. All of this data may be processed in the United States, but only by companies adhering to the Privacy Shield, a protocol that provides a guarantee of protection for your data, and which has been validated as effective by the EU Commission.


How long do we process your data for?

We process your data until the purpose for which we have collected it has been accomplished.


How long do we keep your data for?

For the newsletter service we keep your data for the time necessary to implement the purposes for which it was collected, i.e. until you decide to unsubscribe from the service (for clarification on the purposes, see below the paragraph "How do we use your data?"). To unsubscribe from the newsletter service, follow the instructions: they are there in every email you receive.


Why do we collect your data?

We use your data to provide you with the best possible experience, plus to improve our products and provide customer support.


How do we use your data?

If you subscribe to the newsletter service, we process your data only to provide you with the newsletter service requested. If we ask you to provide us with your information, and you decide not to do so – you are not obliged to give it to us – we may not be able to guarantee that you will receive the newsletter.


What is the legal basis for us processing your personal details?

  • The need to pursue our legitimate interests, such as:
    • making sure that our network and our information are secure;
    • making our company and our products known by providing you with the newsletter for which you have freely registered;
  • Needing to respond to your request.


How do we protect your data?

We protect your data with appropriate technical and organisational procedures. To protect your data, we use various methods that comply with the pertinent legislation, including insisting that our service providers take appropriate measures to make your information confidential and keep your data secure. Depending on technological updates, implementation costs and the nature of the data to be protected, we carry out technical and organisational procedures to prevent your data being destroyed, lost, modified, disclosed or accessed without authorisation.


Do we share your data?

We share your information only in order to provide you with the services you have requested.


When do we share your data?

We outsource certain services to trustworthy third parties who provide us with features and services, e.g. providing ICT services, or email or consultancy services: we share your information with those suppliers, in order to send you the newsletter.


Maintain control!

We encourage you to keep control of your data: please keep your information updated and accurate.


What should you do or not do?

We wish to remind you that it is your responsibility to ensure, within the limits of your knowledge, that the data you provide us is accurate, complete and updated. Moreover, if you share other people's data with us, you clearly have the responsibility to process that data according to the law. For example, it is your responsibility to inform people whose data you send to us of the content of the privacy policy you are reading now, and to obtain their consent if the law requires it.


What are your rights?

We provide you with access to your data. You can check your data by asking us to update it, modify it or – if the law permits –, delete it. We advice you to check your data regularly. You can still always contact us if you want to...

  • access, revise, modify or delete the data you have provided (if we are no longer allowed to keep it or are not obliged to keep it);
  • oppose certain data uses
  • receive a copy of your data (in a readable format in common use)
  • ask us to limit the use of your data (if applicable) and any other information regarding the protection of your data.


Our contact details are:

  • Paper mail: Dnd Martinelli S.r.l., Loc. Piani di Mura, 2, 25070 - Casto (BS)
  • Online e-mail:


Law of Opposition: you can always oppose data processing if your opposition is based on legitimate interest. We will follow up on your request by evaluating the possible prevalence of our legitimate interest over your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms.

We do our best to respond to requests on time and without cost, except when this requires a disproportionate effort. In some cases we may ask you to prove your identity before carrying out your request. If you are not satisfied with our response, you can make a complaint to the competent supervisory authority in your country.