Ferrari Museum Handles

Intake handle at the Ferrari Museum

On 10 March 2012, FMN MARTINELLI will be taking part in one of the most eagerly anticipated cultural and touristic events of the year, the opening of the Enzo Ferrari House Museum in Modena.

The museum complex began with the restoration of the house in which Enzo Ferrari was born in 1898 and which has maintained through the years both the living quarters and the workshop. To this has been added a new building in the form of the now famous “yellow bonnet”.

FMN MARTINELLI has a place of honour in this major architectural work and for the occasion has created Intake, a futuristic line of handles designed by Andrea Morgante, the architect responsible for supervising construction of the entire museum complex.

The futuristic aesthetics of the handle are designed to coordinate with all the architectural elements of the building, created from high-quality materials using cutting-edge plant and technology.

Martinelli has followed every stage in the two-year project and is fully satisfied:

We are proud to see our handles used in such a prestigious work of architecture as the Enzo Ferrari House Museum,” commented managing director Vilma Martinelli just a few days before the official opening ceremony.