Euclide by LesArchStudio

Fascinated by the rationalist forms of this apartment in the Parioli neighborhood in Rome, composed of a sequence of pure and mighty wall openings, the studio's design and composition choices have been to strengthen the purity of the existing plant and dialogue through a contemporary language with choice of special finishes as well as the design of custom-made furniture.

The (IN)finito brass handle with black finish blends into the context and perfectly characterizes this search for rational details, dialoguing coherently with the doors flush with the wall of the corridor between the different rooms, hall, living room, bathroom and dining room.


The architects

The project is the result of collaboration between Marta Fegiz, established landscapist which also expands into interior projects, and architects Maria Schiavo and Dimitri Liakatas who are part of the young LesArchStudio, specialized in interiors (residential and This job has represented the consolidation of the synergy between Fegiz and LesArch, now committed in various projects ranging from landscape, outdoor design and interior. 

Pictures by Valerio Stopponi